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Juan Carlos Delgado

Partner & Americas Director


Juan Carlos has a proven track record of making a brand shine. A strong and dedicated career in the luxury goods industry in Marketing and Management, gives Juan Carlos an ease about him to focus on a brand’s given project, design a unique approach, build an action plan and deploy an on-budget on-time experience.

A native from Peru, Juan Carlos’s passion and affinity for the Americas has propelled his career building a vast regional professional network along with strong friendships both which have helped shape his character and career throughout the years. His extensive travel throughout the region gives him that added awareness and sensitivity to the region’s opportunities and challenges when producing a brand’s marketing project.

With his years of experience as a Marketer and Traveler Juan Carlos joins forces in 2017 with Gilles to take Hemisphere Destinations to the next level of creativity, expertise and client satisfaction.

Juan Carlos’s love for Latin American art and photography exudes the creative side that enhances the level of his work with Experiential Marketing.

Gilles Dandrieux

Gilles created Hemisphere Destinations in 2004 out of a lifelong quest to share his unique passions with discerning clients. A world traveler since childhood went on to direct films and documentaries. His talent for design, and ability to orchestrate the perfect ambience, led to a career in ...